Hearing Things
Stalefish/Transit of Venus 45
Hawks Records, 2015
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Day in Pictures
Clean Feed, 2014
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Day in Pictures
Clean Feed, 2010
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– named Jazz Album of the Year by Magnet Magazine 
– received 4 1/2 stars from DownBeat Magazine
Chicago Reader Review
All About Jazz Review

Paper Gardens
Porter Records, 2010
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All About Jazz Review 

Memorize the Sky
In Former Times
Clean Feed, 2008
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Memorize the Sky
482 Music, 2007
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White Blue Yellow and Clouds
Introducing White Blue Yellow and Clouds
Eye and Ear Records, 2006
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Chicago Reader Review

Matt Bauder/Anthony Braxton
2+2 Compositions
482 music, 2005
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Matt Bauder/Jason Ajemian
object 3
locust music, 2003
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All About Jazz Review

Matt Bauder
Weary Already Of The Way
482 music 2003
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All About Jazz Review of Weary Already of the Way


The Sway Machinery, Purity and Danger, 3rd Generation Recordings, 2015
Will Butler, Policy, Merge, 2015
Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day Quintet, IV, Songlines, 2015
Jeremiah Cymerman, Sky Burial, 5049 Records, 2013
Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day Quintet, Two, Songlines, 2011
New York Times Review of The Harris Eisenstadt Quintet Live at Cornelia Street Cafe
Harris Eisenstadt Octet, The Ombudsman, 482 Music, 2012
Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day, Clean Feed, 2009
Exploding Star Orchestra, Stars Have Shapes, Delmark, 2011
Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra, Thrill Jockey, 2008
Rob Mazurek’s Exploding Star Orchestra, We Are All From Somewhere Else, Thrill Jockey Records, 2007
Adam Lane’s Full Throttle Orchestra, Ashcan Rantings, Clean Feed, 2010
Positive Catastrophe, Garabatos Volume One, Cuneform, 2009
Positive Catastrophe, Dibruhoo, Dibroho, Dibr…, Cuneiform, 2012
Matthew Welch, Luminosity, Porter Records, 2009
Andrew Raffo Dewar, Six Lines of Transformation, Porter Records, 2008
Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet, Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths, HatHut, 2008
Zemog El Gallo Bueno, Nueva York Sessions, Aagoo Records, 2007
Reuben Radding, Fugitive Pieces, Pine Ear Music, 2006
Seth Meicht Quartet, CIMP, 2006
His Name is Alive, Detrola, Silver Mountain, 2006
Neil Michael Haggerty and the Howling Hex, Drag City, 2003
Scott Rosenberg, Creative Orchestra Music Chicago 2001, New World Records, 2003
Saturday Looks Good to Me, All Your Summer Songs, Polyvinyl, 2003
Saturday Looks Good to Me, Self Titled, Westside Audio/Hereforeveralways, 2000
Warn Defever, When Flowers Covered the Earth, Perforate Your Heart Music, 2002
King Kong, The Big Bang, Drag City, 2002
Great 3, When You Were a Beauty, Bodicius, 2002
His Name is Alive, Last Night, 4ad/Time Stereo, 2002
The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love h.o.m.e.s.,Telegraph Company Records, 2001
Drag City Supersession, Drag City, 2001
Bill Brovold, Childish Delusions, Tzadik, 2000


W/Jason Ajemian & Jeff Parker, Alex Ramsdell & Jerome Bryerton, Document Chicago, 482 Music, 2003
His Name is Alive, Kill All Rock Stars, 2004